Sunday, November 28, 2010

11 I hate my life

I did actually have another post I wanted to put here first, but this was just too awful not to share.

We have two cats in the house.  Actually, technically they are Sarah's.  But I have lived with them for just as long, so I consider them partly mine.  Hell, I clean their litter box.  As does Boyd.  Sarah had the excuse of can't cos pregnant, and then can't cos of breastfeeding.  Ironically, of all the people she would be the best for the job, as she has NO SENSE OF SMELL.  Now she is no longer breast feeding, we are introducing her to the long awaited JOY of cleaning up the mess her little darlings leave behind.

Part of this concerns the litter box.  You have been warned.

Argo, being male, has this little....aiming problem.  He just can't seem to poop IN the box.  It's wierd.  And smelly.  Although not as smelly as his sister - holy FUCK she reeks when she goes, but today, this is all about...the male lack of aim.

The cats are not yet a year old, and are in the process of switching from kitten food to adult cat food.  They do not seem to like the flavour of chicken.  And so, are somewhat ... fussy ... over the wet food they are given.  Biscuits they are usually fine with, it's the tins we have issues with.

We finally found something they like, that is kinda cheap.

All good, right?

/hysterical laughter

They get the runs.

You can see where this is going.  But alas, it gets worse.  You wouldn't believe it, but IT GETS WORSE.

I just had a visitor in my room.  Jumped up onto my bed.  Curled up by me.  Started cleaning himself.

Turns out aiming the runs is hard.  More so when you have fur around your ass.  Fur gets in the way.  I'm sure you can picture it.

The reality also stank.  FYI.

So yes, my memory for this evening, which will no doubt be stuck in my head for a while is this:  I just had to use toilet paper on my cats ass.

I hate my life.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

10 Exams and why I now hate this University

As anyone on my msn friends list will know, it was recently my end of year exams.  And naturally, nothing would be as easy as simply 'go to exam, write, go home'.

That would be too easy.

I had three exams this semester, one in the morning, two in the afternoon, and all reasonably spaced out.  In theory, lots of time to study.

In reality....well, this IS me we're talking about.

Anyway, exams mean heading into town to university.  This in itself is something of a mission, given how far away I currently live.  Let me explain.

To get to class, I use 4 different methods of transport.  Bus, Train, Foot, and cable car.  I get the bus from my house to the train station.  Bus is every 30 mins.  Trip takes 15 mins.  Recent complaints from locals have caused the company managing the system to redo the timetables....creating a 15 min window on either side of the actual time on the timetable.  Yes, we went from 2-5 mins either way, to 15-20 mins either way.  Basically, it got worse, and you really need to catch an even earlier bus than you normally would, just in case.

Part two is the train.  Every 30 mins also.  Does not always coincide with the buses, for all that they are supposed to.  Also, the rail system has been going through a great number of well publised screwups, delays etc for the last two or more years - enough that schools and work will give you a free pass when late if you mention I WAS ON THE TRAIN.

Walking from the train station to the cable car office takes 10 mins....through the center of town.  And while I may live in NZ, this is still the center of OUR CAPITAL CITY.  Can be  ..... interesting.

Cable car is actually the most reliable part of the trip.  Every 10 mins.  Not too bad.

My trip to Uni can take anywhere from 1 hour (very good day, everything connected!) to 3 hours (it's happened.  Don't ask)

And I had an exam.  In the morning.

Did I mention I am still NOT a morning person?  No?  Well, consider yourself reminded.

An hour and a half after leaving home, I find myself at the top of the hill, and start looking around for my lecture room where my exam is to be held.  There are all sorts of weird codes for the rooms, but I figured the librarians would know where to go if the map failed me.  After all, this is why I had got there EARLY, so I could find the room with leisure, and maybe do some last-minute study.

The map failed me.  I went and asked.  And discovered that I was about to be late....

Victoria University of Wellington has THREE campuses.  One at the top of the hill, where I normally spend my time.  One out in Karori where I used to live last year.  And one ... down by the train station.

My exam was down by the train station.  20 min walk/run back down the hill.  Basically, back down to where I had just come from.


Suddenly, I was glad I HAD arrived early.

I also set a new speed record for me getting down the hill too.  New personal best time!

I was huffing when I stepped into my exam room, as the examiner was explaining the rules.  No study for me now!

Luckily, things after that went fine.  I finished before full time.  Went home.  Ate food.  Played with baby.  Napped.

The other two exams went fine, for all that I had nightmares over the Chem one.  I know I passed the Biol one , waiting on the other marks.  Exams are stressful!