Saturday, September 10, 2011

12 Essy is Crazie!

Yes yes, we all know that already...but lets just run through the crazy things I have done...

So, a few years ago, I got bored of Vancouver and decided to up and move back to Taiwan and teach English, all under the pretenses of "saving money". There I worked for 3 years, no money saved, and killing myself 6 days a week! Then I decided to move back to Vancouver, get engaged, and...try to move to USA. As if moving 3 times in 4 years isn't horrendous enough, even the destination is horrendous.

I, being proudly Canadian, have never exactly liked my neighbours to the south much. I know this will offend millions and millions of people, none of whom are likely to read my blog, so I will write what I think anyway. One of the reasons that I dislike the supposed "greatest country on Earth", is just exactly plain darn diggity isn't. For all the propaganda and blind patriotism and self-ego-stroking many, if not most, Americans do, it really isn't true. Would the gosh darn greatest country on Earth have a debt problem of 14.3 trillion dollars and rising? Would it have a yearly deficit of a trillion dollars? Where is all this money going to, is the question that all Americans should be asking themselves!

It's certainly not going to the betterment of the health of their citizens, as it has NO national health coverage. It also has the greatest congregation of some of the world's fattest people. It's certainly not going to the poor, since 40% of Americans will fall below the poverty line sometime within 10years. According to certain statistics, 1% of America control more than 50% of the country's money. It's not spent to create more jobs as unemployment has been on the rise since 2006. It's also DEFINITELY not being spent on education of the nation. This may be partially from personal "slight" prejudice, since I don't see the average American being too intelligent. It is also partially from just watching the kind of television "reality" shows they put out. I know it is not the best way to judge them, but COME ON, you're showing people that probably can't add 2 and 2 together unless you gave them jelly beans to count! Where each state can make it's own tests to tell all the parents that their children are smarter than 50 or 80% than the rest of the country when it's really not. It's just plain old lying to themselves, to make themselves feel better, which in turn gives undeserved arrogance and ego.

So, what IS the money going to? Besides the fat cats with the 700 Billion dollar bail out which did absolutely nothing for the country and its citizens. The money went to, as we all know, the biggest bonuses in history for the top tiers of the companies...While the average labourer, still got fired! The US has 307million people. If the money were to be given as wages for 7million labourers that were laid off, that's roughly 2.2% of the population, they would have received $100,000 each. Now if we take the average US personal income for a full time worker, which is roughly $39,000, the 2.2% of people could have had a job to support their family for another 2 and a half years! Now tell me if I'm wrong, but the last time I checked, unemployment is supposed to be "BAD" for the country. Because now you've got 2.2% of the people not paying taxes and collecting welfare instead. So what does that mean? You lose, and then you lose some more. (Maybe it's not the average American who can't add 2 and 2, but the leaders of the country.)

What else is the money going to? It's going to war...What is this war really for? Why does the world's greatest country need to spend the most in the world on military defense? Oh, right, it's the war against "terrorism", they've gotta defend their home turf. The next question is...why do people hate you enough to want to attack you? And how did a war against terrorism last 10 years and turn into a fight for another country's freedom? (While killing the very people they're supposedly freeing.) I know there is "collateral damage" and that it's a "means to an end", but WHAT end? What do you hope to achieve from this? I certainly don't know. But okay, fine, there's a war and you're spending hundreds of billions of dollars every year on the war couldn't you at least pay the soldiers, the people who are actually working, and dying, for your country, better? Now, I know a lot of people in the military, pretty much all branches, both in active duty or discharged, and I really don't see them rakin' in the dough. Usually, in any other industry, labour is the most expensive part of any work force, especially SKILLED labour, so why are the citizens of the greatest country on Earth being paid peanuts to die?

After looking at a lot of stuff, obviously not everything, this is the short and not so sweet run down. The country overspends without thought, pampers the rich by giving billions of dollars to people who don't need it and are barely taxed, it provides no health care, no job security, no education and basically don't give a rat's ass about the lives and wellness of the average citizen. The end result? You get a country in gross, excessive, astronomical debt, have people who have a false sense of entitlement, and take from the poor in more ways than one, all the while, believing it's the best darn tootin' place to live on Earth.

So, the final question to myself is why I'm moving there? The answer? I have no idea...Essy is Crazie!