Friday, December 26, 2014

3.20 End of Year Update (ie, what I've been doing recently)

Well I figured it was about time I gave an update on what I've been doing again.  I've actually been taking pics recently.  Oh wells.  These things happen, right?

Currently on my frame is this one: Spring Butterflies, from Love Thy Thread, adapted from artwork by Gabrielle Hugo.  It's one of the ones I managed to nab before LTT closed down.
Info:  Spring Butterflies
          Love Thy Thread
          Artwork by Gabrielle Hugo
          Fabric by Nguyen 
          2 over 1, 28 count
          Tent stitch
Just look at that shading!

Closeup of the eye.  

Just off my frame is this one.  It's one of the Smalls patterns, also from Love Thy Thread.
Info: Smalls 3
        Love Thy Thread
        Artwork by Angela Porter
        Fabric is Golddigger, by Colour Cascade Fabrics
        Thread is Sumantra Haze by Fibrelicious
        2 over 1, 28 count
        Tent stitch

The beginning colour option.

I decided to add a border to the pattern too.

A bit of a closeup

It's beginning to take shape now!

It hasn't all been new starts though!  I even had a finish.  (Yes, that scary and momentus 'F" word!)
Info:  Peacock
         Fabric is Caribbean Tides by Crafty Kitten
         Threads are DMC and an awesome custom colour from Fibrelicious (That I called Peacock Dreams, :P  Take note Nguyen!)
          2 over 1, 28 count
          Tent stitch