Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2.19 - Rose of Sharon Update 2

Sarah here updating my Mirabilia Rose of Sharon cross stitch. I must say I'm really enjoying this pattern and it's just as beautiful in person (if not more) than online pictures. So here are a few updates, by day.

 Day 3

Day 4

 Day 5

Day 6 

Day 7

Think I got a decent amount done in about a week, and it's starting to actually look like something :D

2.18 - Sad, Depressing Update

So, I've been reluctant to post my update... Everyone can blame Kat... >.> She is a zillion miles ahead of me with half the time spent... GrrRrRrr. Either way... here is my turtle speed progress... With pictures... I don't exactly remember what days...but a guess...

Day 5 (I think)

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8
 A couple of close ups (I tried to not let my threads overlap each other)

Day 9

 I only take solace in the fact that my back, is pretty...and neat...and tidy... yup...

And...That's that :O

Sunday, July 28, 2013

2.17 Celestial Dragon Update

Now, anyone who has known me long enough to know about my cross stitch has known about my dragon picture.  It has, literally, been going for YEARS.

Well, as of tonight, it got the last actual crosses stitched in.  Yup, it's almost finished.  I'm kind of giddy with anticipation of finishing it at long last.

This was halfway though the back-stitching efforts, soon after finishing the actual crosses.  You can kind of see the quarter stitches (the bane of my existence, friggen' things), but you really notice how much of a difference actually outlining it makes.
You can also see the Chinese character in the center and the fact it's made up of 1x1 stitches, compared to the rest of the pattern at 2x2.  The step down in size makes it more detailed.  (And, I want it noted, much more likely to drive Kat insane.  Counting.  Linen.  EVILLLLLLL)

Once the back-stitching was done, I couldn't help it.  I had to try the beads, and see how much of a difference they made.  So, out came the beading needle, and much swearing commenced.  But, I will admit, it DOES look cool with those little beads.

This is my current version of the dragon.  All full crosses finished, most back-stitching done (I only have the dragons scales and a few corner-border bits to do) and the beading.

So excited!

Friday, July 26, 2013

2.16 - Rose of Sharon Update

This update is especially for Es since she has been on me since last night to post an update of what I've been able to get done so far on the Rose of Sharon...which I literally just started yesterday night. So here you go Es :D
My very first stitch on 32 count linen 2 over 2 :D
 This is how far I got the first night before calling it quits.

 I started back up again as soon as I got home from classes, spent quite a few hours on it, think I made pretty good progress :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

2.15 DC:K Update Days 1-4

What with Sarah updating, and making me feel bad, I figured I'd better update too.  Only been doing the Dream Catcher since last post, been trying to finish that one page before I bounce off to another (which is my normal mode of operations - I bounce between projects, so I don't get as bored, and it's nice doing something different), and it's slowly getting there.

Day one

Day two

Day three

Day four

While you may see the hoop for the first day, I then switched out to my snap frame once I had moved out from the corner a bit.  While the snap frame IS very cool, it was not so easy for that far top left corner.  So I worked on the hoop for a night.  From here on out however, it appears the frame is going to be used.

I'm not even going to bother taking a picture of the back, as I know it will put poor tidy Es into a fit.  I worry more about the front, since that's all that gets seen.  Focusing on the win, yup.

To make my life ever so much more fun, Es (Yes, I'm blaming you woman) had me on a stitching site, where I fell in love with yet another pattern.  Well, set of patterns.  I linked them to Kaz, who thought OMG too, and now I'm the recipient of another pattern, which needs done eventually.  I'm not complaining about the fact I have it (It's a NICE pattern), more at the fact my timing for it...I really need to stop looking at new patterns while I'm mid-startup on a new one already.


2.14 - Update and New Cross Stitch!

Sarah here. I haven't updated my fall fairy pictures in awhile so I thought I would do that first and get it outa the way.

I've also done most of the dark brown on the tree to the far right, but you can't see it due to my frame.

Now for the real reason for the update! My newest cross stitch has arrived today! I will be doing the Mirabilia Rose of Sharon pattern, my first on linen! I was so excited I took pictures of all the materials before even starting! Wish me luck :D

Monday, July 22, 2013

2.13 - Oh Joyous Joyous Rain!!!

Oh Em GEEEEEE... It rained!! And you can tell how happy I am that I actually took a picture and made a post about the RAIN!!!!!
This is looking out the front door (and there's my elderly neighbour there unloading her stuff from the car....
Oh, what a beautiful, amazing, spectacular, soothing feeling this is! RAIN! The most magical weather on earth!

2.12 Dreamcatcher: Kat Edition

Es and I have been looking at this pattern for a while, and it was actually decided on BEFORE Queen of Diamonds.

Well, tonight we actually started it.


Being in skype at the same time, hearing how each other started it up....let us just say we have radically different approaches to it all.

 End of first night, black thread done so far.
 The back of my pattern.  Only one colour, and all connected at the moment, it's actually looking very tidy for me.
And my pattern.  This is an A4 page, and it's only that small section on the fabric :(

Just as a word of warning, I prefer to post things with multiple pictures, so there will not be a dreamcatcher pictures until I have 4-5 days worth of work.

2.11 - The Start of Something New

So, the same night I've finished something, I've started something else, YAY! Kat and I have both started on Dreamcatcher, granted she got a LOT more done than I did. She was much more decisive about the cutting of fabric and getting everything started, while I was counting this way, and that way, and this way, and that way... repeatedly... She can testify that I counted no less than 40 times before I cut the fabric. I couldn't decide how much room to leave myself on each edge, and my paranoid worries that I miscounted... So I didn't just double check, and triple check, but a bazillia-checked (shush, it's a new word).  When I finally got around cutting and putting it in the frame, I had to decide how long to cut the thread... *sigh* I'm indecisive, I know... Well anyways, in the end, not a lot was done, but here it is...

This is the tiny tiny piece of black on the top left corner of the pattern... (Did I tell anyone about how much I looooooooooove this fabric with the grid already woven in? I LOVE IT!!!!! I will probably never using any other cloth.)

This is the pattern of how much I've done...

This is my back, which is so far neat and tiny... I plan to keep it this way!! (fingers crossed)

This is what it will look like in the end. (Minus the fake border frame)
I wonder who will finish first... Probably Kat because I'm a slow stitcher... I'm much pickier than she is (if you have't already noticed). Also, I'm looking to start Autumn Dryad by Maxine Gadd sometime soon-ish as well.... So, lots to do! Yay!

Also, this is what I woke up to yesterday after my 4 hour nap :D
Breakfast potatoes and eggs... It was omnomnom and the perfect start to my cross stitching for the day!

That is all for now!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

2.10 - Completion!!!

I have finally completed my first project! Firstly, I would just like to say a few words.  This project took a lot of hours, there are times where it all seemed so hopeless, all the trials and tribulations, threads breaking, knotting, and tangling.  All the times I had to hope that the thread will last to the last stitch so I don't have to get a new thread, of trying my hardest to keep things tidy. It wasn't easy. There are a few people I'd like to thank. I thank Kat for getting me started on cross stitching, it was enjoyable. I thank Sarah for her hours on skype with me while I stitched away, bitching about messing up and missing stitches. I thank Ian for not bugging me while I do this all the while neglecting my household duties, like cooking, cleaning, sleeping....... basically, everything. Lastly, I thank myself, especially my fingers... They got pricked a few times, so I thought they deserved mentions. Oh, before I forget, I also thank all the online stores that I bought stuff from... WHEEEEE (which I suppose I owe Ian another thanks for letting me get all the stuff >.>). Either way! Without further ado, my completed project!

This is of the picture completed without all the back stitching and french knots, so, a couple of days ago. It's nice to see what the little details adds to the whole picture.

 This is just after my last french knot. I have discovered, I like french knots. They are adorable little roses.

This is with the gridding threads out. Looks nice, if I do say so myself.

Now come the close ups:

Here we have the french knots which make the stars in the sky on the top right:

 The french knots down the centre making the fairy dust (or at least I think it's fairy dust)

 I have also discovered.... I HATE blending filaments... They are curly! and tangly! and twisty! and flimsy! If they weren't so pretty and sparkly, I might not have done them at all!! Okay, well, I would have.... But I'd complain about it! Well, okay, I did complain about it... But I'd complain even more so! (hard to imagine it's possible, but it is!)

 Here's the other side of the sky... Did I mention I love the look of french knots? and doing them?

The fairy with wings... WHEE...

And I DID say I like the sparkly right? and french knots? Yea? Just making sure....

 Here is the 'grass'. Nice and wispy...

And more grass... I hate back stitching, it's slow...and annoying...because of all the research I had put in to make sure I was doing it right, then it turned out, I was doing it wrong, because, for Dimentions kits, you're apparently SUPPOSED TO carry thread, rather than stitch individual squares like EVERY OTHER TUTORIAL TEACHES. Yea....

So I had to pull out the first few sets of back stitching I did (since they just sank into the stitches on the side and I couldn't see them, being they're black on black), it was, annoying.

And  SINCE I had to put in so much work, you'd better see ALL of it >.>

 Oh, there IS one thing that held me back on absolutely loving the french knots... It's the back. My back wasn't perfect before, but at least it was nice and  organized. However, since this piece isn't fully stitched, and the stars were sprinkled  everywhere... Well, I've had to carry threads everywhere... with no place to hide them... Let's just say, I was NOT happy with this.....

And here we have the bottom left corner, with the reflection in the water...

 And here's the bottom right corner... (I know it's boring, but it's my first project... Think of it like a mother with her newborn, you're gonna see all the monotonous crap, deal with it!)

And the reflection in the middle... Ahhhh... That is all. I might go and frame it. I can't wait for my next project!

 And, for no reason whatsoever, here is a picture of Squeaks, being King, ruling over his laundry pile kingdom. Don't ask why the laundry isn't folded yet... That is a question for another time... or, you know, never...

And Odette, looking adorable. (it was hard taking a picture without cutting out her ears since she kept moving!

Now, onto the next project!