Sunday, August 25, 2013

2.26 - Snow by Maxine Gadd

So, Essy here with a post on my new start (sort of new, it was over a week ago, anyways). So I first started this on August 13th...stitching 2 over 1... But found that I didn't like it. It was too snug, the stitches were tight, and making the Xs look uneven. 
Aug 13 2013
 So, I loved the coverage. The colours stood out nicely, and I couldn't see ANY GAPS whatsoever between the stitches. I couldn't even see the pink grid lines at all! I loved it! Except for how difficult it was to stitch.
Aug 15 2013
So I decided to do a test of the 1 over 1....
While you can see the pink grid lines and there are small gaps in between stitches, all the stitches were nice and even! And it was much easier to stitch! So.... I started taking out what I have already done...

Started cutting away at the 250+ stitches :( I was so sad!!!

This took HOURS! believe it or not. I had to be careful not to cut the fabric by accident. I couldn't just pick out the thread either, since it was stitched so tightly that the needles often went between threads in the floss making it near impossible to separate. So cutting, then pulling, and tweezing... took about 3 hours I think...

After that, I decided to take a break from stitching... So here's a break for you. During this intermission, you may have a look at Odette! (Who is now also called Bananas)

And so, it starts again! (BTW, these are taken with my new camera!!)

Aug 16 2013 (Day 2.1)
This went much faster than doing it by 2 threads!

Aug 17 2013 - 230am
This one was at the end of day 1.

A close up of the confetti!

Aug 18 (Day 2)

Aug 19 (Day 3)

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7
 And here, you will see a Squeaks on my lap as I stitch. He's a bit camera shy.

And this is at the end of Day 8 (August 23~24 in the am)

Aug 24 - Day 8
So with just over a week on the new start, I have about 4000 stitches done! that's about half a page... And all I see are still bits of grey... *sigh* On to more stitching!!!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

2.25 - Rose of Sharon Update 3

I am here to update, once again, my Rose of Sharon cross stitch. I've had very little time to actually work on it due to school being intense at the moment, however, Kat and Es said I can't go to bed without updating. SO, here you go Kat and Es!
PS...I don't know the days, I will make them up :D

The day after the last update?

Day after that

  Hair done, some flowers started

  Got some flowers on top done and green along with starting the Arch

  Tried to finish this bump in the Arch but, too tired to finish tonight

And that is my update. Will try to finish that bump tomorrow but we will see...with how studying and such goes. Sarah off!

Hope you are happy Kat and Es!! :P

Saturday, August 10, 2013

2.24 Queen Update: August

After finishing the damn dragon of evil longevity (I've hit a bitter stage, but I'm allowed to, now it's been finished), I wound up back on Queen.  What had previously been irritating me no long did, so I'm rolling with it as long as it goes.

Day 16
(Page 6)

Day 17
(Page 6)

Day 18
(Page 6)

Day 19
(Page 6)

Day 20
(Page 6)

Day 21
(Page 6, Page 1)

Day 22
(Page 1)

Day 23
(Page 1)

2.23 - Faith in Humanity, Lost, then, Sort of Found...

So I volunteer for a local animal rescue on Friday mornings and today I was cleaning the adoption cages at the store that lets us have kittens/cats in stores to be up for adoption. There is also a Humane Society built right in the store... This woman comes in today with her two children, asking to speak to a manager. She tells the manager she has kittens that she didn't want, and asks if the store will take them. The manager tells her to ask the Humane Society if they are able to take the kittens, although it may not be available at this location, they will let her know which one will take them in. She walks to the door of the Humane Society and sees that they don't open until 11am (it was 10:50 by this time). Complains they aren't open yet, and proceeds to walk out. Two minutes later, I see this backpack on the floor and a kitten crawling out of it!!! She had three of them stuffed in a child's backpack and just dropped them on the floor in a corner of the store and leaves! I was so shocked! I set up a playpen and gave them food and water. They were so dehydrated and hungry! One of them seems more lethargic than the other two... It was so heartbreaking! I texted the organizer for our rescue, and although resources are limited and we can't take every single one in, she agreed to take them in. Just gotta find a foster home now! Luckily, one of the managers fell in love with one of the kittens and decided to adopt one right away... I just wish the woman had the decency to wait 10 minutes for the Humane Society to open up...

So here they are. They immediately went for the water and food...

This is them in an adoption cage until someone from our rescue can come pick them up and get them checked out by the vet and fixed.

The appear to be from two different litters as the fluffier one is bigger than the other two. They are all super sweet and calm and just latches on to you... The saddest thing is, the woman just taught her 2 young kids, this is how you treat animals. Get them, and when you don't want them, just throw them away...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

2.22 - Updates and stuff

So, I suppose it's time for an update on my progress...

This is day....something or other...

This is the day after that.
 You can't quite see the difference because I was working on the itsy bitsy stuff... no more than 5 stitches... usually only 2 or 3 of one colour >.<

This is today :D
 This one is starting to expand out to the right:D

This is a little close-up.

A shot of the bitsy arc.

Another close-up.
 You cannot tell, but there is actually about 7 or 8 different whites/creams in that shot there...

And finally....Another close up... I like the feeling of those little stitches out to the side. 

It's starting to look really nice :D And I'm glad to get away from the single stitches so I'm enjoying it a bit more... On a side note, I have gotten Snow and Autumn Dryad printed out... Now it's just deciding if I want to do it on 18 or 25 ct cloth :O Decisions decisions...


Sunday, August 4, 2013

2.21 - Change of Heart

So.... I think I MAY change my mind about the project to do next (after getting a little further on Dreamcatcher of course). I was originally going to do Maxine Gadd's Autumn Dryad from HAED, but I think I may change it to Snow (also by Maxine Gadd). I bought it because of the 53% off sale. It looks so purrrrdy and it'll be much easier with lots of blocks, since there's only 16 colours. Plus, I already HAVE all of the colours AND the cloth... How awesome will that be? :D


Es - signing off.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

2.20 Celestial Dragon Completion

This evening, an entire chapter of my stitching history was closed for good.  Yes, it's official, my dragon picture is now finished.

*giddy dance of glee*

The final version.

Top left corner, and ironically the last section I did.  So many patterns tell you to start in the top left corner.  Did I listen?  Oh hell no.
Symbol means Happiness - which I suppose is true, I AM happy it's finally finished now.

Top right corner.  Symbol means Longevity.  Which also turns out to be true, I mean, it's taken me 8+ years to finally getting around to finishing this?
Doing it for a few hours every other month and leaving it for 4 years mid way through probably didn't help either....

Bottom right corner, and Wisdom.  Not much I can say about this fitting.  Since it's a blatent lie, if I had been smarter I would have sat down and JUST FINISHED ALREADY.

Bottom left with Virtue.  Even less to say about this, except for some reason it was the first character I did.

The face of the long-suffering dragon.  Pity him.  But rejoice in his completion.

Sadly, my camera doesn't pick up the detail of the scales too well.  But all that green?  Has gold thread scales.  Yup.  ALL of it.

Another attempt at finding the scales.  It's ok, even if noone else ever sees the details, I KNOW IT'S THERE.

Now, I know people who have seen the pattern (and Es and Sarah) will notice that the blue beads on the background were not done.  OMG, I hear you cry, IT IS NOT FINISHED.
Well, I have just two words for all those people.


There are a number of reasons I chose not to put the blue beads on.  1) It would be another 2 years to finish the damn thing. 2) Putting it into my frame would be hell, and even in a hoop would be too.  Beads would be crushed.  I would cry.  I would attempt it again.  Cycle would repeat until I gave up.  The other option of doing it with no hoop or frame, and thus no tension.....will not even be considered.  3) I don't think it needs the blue beads, to be perfectly honest.  There is enough detail involved in it already, most of which will go straight past most peoples heads.  And last of all, 4) it's my picture.  There is no reason I have to follow the pattern exactly.  It's become MY work, my hours, my efforts.  So what if it deviates from the original guide a bit?  It's becoming more mine, more original.  And as the person creating it, I am fine with my decision.

There may be a photo in the future of it framed as well, but as of this moment...done.  <3