Sunday, July 10, 2016

5.17 Snowdrop (A bluebell adaption)

Mother's favourite flower is the snowdrop...but sadly Nora Corbett doesn't have a pixie of that (Yet.....hint hint)

So I adapted Bluebell into it.

Note - I now hate creams and whites.

The dress done AT LAST

Stitching all finished

All done!

154 – 164
333 - 369
3746 - 3072
3839 - 822
794 - 3865
800 - Blanc
3756 - B5200
Changed on DRESS ONLY
3371 - 563

Waterlilies 204 – Replaced with Fibrelicious C120, Spring Leaves

093 – 027L
1223 – 152V
1432 – 150V

Mill Hill beads
16168 – 16606
18830 – 18820

Umbrella – DMC 986. I outlined the snowdrops by going around the edges of the B5200, but that was a personal preference.

Laces on feet – 027L Kreinik.

Stitched on Chromatic Alchemy's "Bridget's Garden" 32 count belfast linen, 2 over 2.

Friday, July 1, 2016

5.16 Bluebell

So this month was 'try something new', and towards the end of the month I finally realised I hadn't done anything new, as I had been focused on getting Dressmaker's daughter finished.  

Bluebell was sitting there, half finished.  So I decided, eh, why not, and tried beading as I went.


Let us just say that we will NOT be doing THAT ever again.

I either lost time because I was running my fingers over the beads and muttering pretttyyyyyy under my breath all the time, sat staring at it the other half of the time.  And when I was actually stitching, the threads I was using kept wrapping around the beads and catching.

All in all, I have no idea how people manage it, and I am in awe of their ability to not go insane and throw their stitching across the room in a fit of rage.  

But I learnt I am unable to bead as I go.  So at least I got something productive out of the experience?

Stitched on Chromatic Alchemy Permanganate, 32 belfast linen.  2 over 2.  Kreinik 1432 left out, and 838 backstitching replaced by kreinik 1223.