Sunday, January 19, 2014

3.07 Catching up

Death on the 9th, I haven't taken pics since then but there is a chunk more done

The beginning of Happiness...the SAL with Es and Fatema that I ended up starting early...

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

The beautiful sunset 

Part five all ironed up and ready for the framing efforts.

As it was mothers birthday, I made her a cake...with 3 packets of maltesers covering the outside, and cream cheese icing inside.  It was a chocolate overload.  Took me two days to finish my slice =<

Saturday, January 18, 2014

3.06 - January Miribilia Update and More!

Sarah here and I will be updating on Rose of Sharon along with pictures of my new buy of 5 patterns. Three are Mirabilia and two are Lavender and Lace :D First for the pictures of the new additions to my stash.

Ipad camera is kind of blurry, but an overview of the 5.

Mirabilia Millennium Angel

Mirabilia Fairy Tales

Mirabilia April's Blue Diamond

Lavender & Lace The Second Angel of Freedom

Lavender & Lace Angel of Mercy

Ok now that my excitement of showing off my new patterns is satiated for the moment I will give you a brief update on Mirabilia Rose of Sharon. I will admit I have been slightly lazy in working on her but I have done a bit more.

I didn't feel like taking off the frame, plus my plastic side clips have been acting up so the less I touch them the better. Will update again later when I have more done. :D

Friday, January 17, 2014

Just had to brag...

I would have not been able to sleep if I didnt brag..
I was soo happy that I had to share it and who better than you 3..

I so enjoy talking to Es and Kat. I have yet to chat to Sarah..

November/December 2013 I took part in a secret stitch on a FB group called cross stitch partner liked roses so I did a roses pattern and finished it and sent it off.

I entered that in another FB group called Cross Stitch Friendly Circle where they uploaded my photo as cover picture today.

I am so happy .

Here it is:-

The pattern is called Teatime roses.

Ok getting off now..Its pretty late here..past midnight.

Be safe whereever you are...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I started posting without really officially introducing myself. I apologise for that. Esther was hinting at me everyday to post and I posted without introduction.
After that I have been so busy with prayer meetings and activities and homework I was too tired to blog.

So my name is Fatema and I am from Sri Lanka. It is also known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean or Serendib or Ceylon. Sri Lanka has been compared to a tear..

I am a Muslim, Shia and a Dawoodi Bohra. We all hail from India and we are all mostly business people.
I was born in Lanka,but we are Indians. I consider myself half Lankan and half Indian :)

I live in Colombo, the main city.

Cross stitch is one of my favourite hobbies. I have won around 3 local in our community and 2 foreign.

This is the one I did for the comunity..I got a beautiful sewing box to put my sewing supplies. 

I also collect stamps and play badminton.

If anyone is curious regarding my nickname Habibi means dear beloved in romantic way in Arabic. There is a song also.

Well thats it..short and sweet..I hate introducing myself.

Have a lovely week.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

3.05 - I Guess It's My Turn

So, everyone has updated for the new year, I suppose I should as well.  I have been stitching away on my cute little owl from Paine Free Crafts for the past month and a bit and I love it! It's my first time trying tent stitching and I like the coverage. I just had to work around not going diagonal in the back... Yes, I'm weird.

This is what it will look like when it's complete... It's SOOOO CUTE! (Even Fatema thinks so).

The colours are quite nice. I haven't done one this brightly coloured yet. I decided to stitch this one because Fatema talked me into an SAL for Paine Free Crafts on an FB group. Get ready for pics galore!

My pretty clean fabric :D

The First Stitches! Dec 1st.

This was a picture I took for the SAL for the FB group.

With my nicely coloured in chart. Dec 2nd.

Dec 3rd.

Dec 4th.

Dec 5th. I got a lot done!

Dec 6th. Rollin' right along.

Dec 7th. Wheeeeee!


And this is my back... Before it started getting messy.

Dec 22nd. (I forgot to take pictures for awhile). You can see my pretty snowflake needle minder!
 Insert: Food Pictures!!!

We had to have our Christmas dinner early since Ian was made to work Christmas Eve and Day :< I guess our family tradition is that he makes all the holiday meals :D.
Ian's turkey.
 So, I decided to make cookies and cinnamon rolls for Ian's shift, since they had to work Christmas Eve. Booo~~~!
Cookie dough!

Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Icing <3
 Now, back to stitching :D
Dec 28th. Half way through page 2, and creeping into page 3!

Dec 29th. Filling in sucks!

Jan 1st. Because it's so slowwww.

Jan 2nd. But I shall persevere!

Jan 5th. Until the very end!!!! (or at least until the third week of this month and I switch to another project)

Thank you, friends, for coming along with me on this journey of stitching Night Owl. I haven't even gotten to the owl yet!! However, I apparently was randomly drawn to win a chart from Paine Free Crafts for participating in their SAL!!!! Fatema won one, too!! I forgot there was even a contest for it! Now, comes the problem of picking a chart...

And of course, no post by Essy would ever be complete without a picture of my adorable children aka lap warmers. Toodles~~

3.04 Happy New Year.

Happy 2014 everyone.

I hope everyone has a beautiful year ahead and I hope everyone's wishes come true and hope we all can finish many cross stitch projects. I actually counted and think I might be able to finish around 15 minimum.
Sorry it is so belated, but I have been so busy with prayer meetings and homework. Homework includes going on picnics, cooking and looking after old people.
I had a lovely weekend just picnicing. I have many photos. I will post in another post.

A New Year means new resolutions and for cross stitchers new starts,new projects.

Esther and I decided to do something different.

We have chosen 5 projects. We will concentrate on each project for 2 weeks.

We are starting with Paine, HAED, AAN, Happiness SAL and Dreamcatcher Fractal.

These are mine :-

It is called Forum Romanum..Nicknamed Rome. I am doing it on 18ct Magic Guide using DMC. I have almost finished the top row.

As for HAED I havent chosen which one as I have many WIPS and a few new ones I want to start also.

For AAN Esther is doing Corsetto and I will choose something else. I might probably finish my mum's design. It is 3 belts for a rida. Rida is what we wear.

Esther has yet to choose fabric and floss. 

This is what I am doing for my mum for 

The Happiness SAL is a 5 part SAL hosted by a French blog. Its original title is Positive Thoughts, but we have nicknamed it Happiness SAL.

Again we have yet to find fabric and floss for this project.

Anyone is welcome to join us when we start.

Sorry I dont have any photo for the dreamcatcher fractal. That website is making my Chrome crash. I will try to find some way to upload in another post.

For the moment I will leave you with so much..I think it is enough..more posts will come later this week.
Till then enjoy stitching,enjoy life and have a lovely week.

Friday, January 3, 2014

3.03 - Dress Done!

It is now 2014 and I can officially say that Rose of Sharon's Dress is officially done!

I am still super in love with this design, and it looks amazing if I do say so myself!
Just have to finish up on the arch and flowers!

Short post but I really wanted to show off the finished dress.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

3.02 New Years Eve (US) Rose Update

Been stitching for a few days trying to get Rose of Sharon's dress done. Been interrupted with other things but I think I've made great progress. Only one picture to share but I will be stitching until Midnight tonight in anticipation of the New Year!

Here it is, I've finished all but the last fold in the middle at the bottom of her dress! 

Happy New Year to all, will post again in 2014!

3.01 2014 Begins, and stitching continues along...

Dawn on New Years Day in New Zealand.  Then it started to rain.  Sigh....
I'm activly working off 7 pages at once....following the colour blocks where they lead.

....which is proving interesting.

The circles and spirals are starting to appear, and the beak of the phoenix (attempt 2, it was a rough night stitching for both me and Es.)

Then I started getting sick of yellow again.

And decided to start working on the phoenix again.  He's getting there!