Tuesday, February 16, 2016

5.7 Buttercup

Again, one of the patterns floating around half-finished has been done.  Having enough kreinik was what halted this one (it's one of the rare patterns that I had all the beads for).

But thankfully, due to me buying Nguyen's bead and kreinik stash, I had the kreinik needed at last!

Two days of beading.  Argh
Stitching finished
See that awesome butterfly in the corner there?  That's the needle case/beading case that Nguyen made.  It has magnets, to hold it to the fabric, so it both stays in one place, AND holds needles without them wandering around.  AND the best part is that the sliding lid clicks closed...meaning if you use it for beads (as I did) then no beads go everywhere when you tip the frame over to thread under at the start and end of stitching!  Very important factor for me, most beading days start with me spilling 50 odd beads on the ground, and then 15 mins of me on my hands and knees picking them up.

Back stitching finished

Everything done!

There was a truly disturbing number of beads on the dress.  No wonder it took me so long, but still, now it's done...PRETYYYYYYY

Thursday, February 11, 2016

5.6 Lilac!

Back when this fascination with Mirabilia patterns first began, I came upon a piece of fabric.  Well, to be more precise, ES came across the fabric, and was generous enough to share it.

It was such pretty fabric, although, alas, not opal.

Anyway, discussing the many patterns and fabrics we gained from this de-stashing of the awesome Judy, we/I decided that the pattern of Lilac might go well on this particular piece of fabric.  Pixie Kiss, from Steph's Fabrics.

And so it was started.

Stitching itself was finished in 2015.  Then it was put away to await beads and kreiniks.  When they arrived, it was pulled out again, stitched/beaded, then put away AGAIN to await the last remaining bead.

Coming into 2016, chatting with the bestie.... I mention that lilac is still almost finished, and just waiting for that one bead.  I was informed that a replacement bead was in fact sent to me with the Bead and Kreinik Stash of 2015 (It was a big thing, for ordering, gathering, sending and receiving).

Feeling slightly worried, I went and checked, and yes, sure enough, there was a bead there.  It was a sutable size and colour to replace the one missing.

It was a beautiful bead, purple/green, shimmery, and size 6 no less.

And I had uh...been using it on other patterns to fill in, because it was so nice.


Anyway, feeling sheepish, I pulled it out, and beaded the gaps on Lilac at long last.  Thankfully I still had enough left over to fulfill all beading obligations for Lilac, AND left some for other patterns.  (Good thing, I'm not kidding about the pretty bead.  It will be used for many more patterns yet...)

And then, after being finished and fully beaded, getting pictures taken .... she was rolled up and put away again.  This time to await framing, along with Lilly, Tigerlily and Stargazer and about four others.  Lalala...

5.5 The cute baby sheep

I came across a free pattern.  It was adorable.  And almost as if fate was waving a sign at me, my cousin had her long-awaited baby.

Que baby birth sampler.

Then I realised it wouldn't be fair if only one of the cousins children got one.

Que FIVE baby birth samplers.

In Fibrelicious threads.  Wooo!

Dreaming Dusk


Siren Song

Orchid Orgy

Vintage Rose

So now that one batch of cousins all have matching sheep from NZ...in different threads.  And the best part is because the pattern is so small, it only takes an hour or two to completely finish it.  Guess my new go-to pattern for new kiddos in the family?  


Please Note - Swirly Sheep is by Christy Schmitz, and is published as a free pattern online for Just Cross Stitch magazine, February 2016.

5.4 Nora Corbett's Lilly

So I had half the fabric left over from Tigerlily (Belfast opal, Flotsam and Jetsam,Chromatic alchemy fabrics), so doing my usual going through all the patterns/fabrics combinations on The Viewer (www.theviewer.net   SO totally worth it for anyone who stitches mira patterns.  Trust me.) I overlaid Lilly on the fabric and ...well, it took a bland pattern and really bought the colours out.

So naturally, I had to stitch it.  I mean, I had the fabric, and the pattern....It would have been a crime not to stitch it, right?

Edit: 20 March 2016
She has been framed!  And found a new home with Carol, a friend from work who is about to undergo radiotherapy for breast cancer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

5.3 Stargazer adaption (purple)

Figured I would type it all up here, so not only the people on facebook could see it.

NOTE: skin and hair colours stayed the same, as did the ruffles, I just changed the highlighting colours there.

Dress coat top:
3799 - 550
645 - 552/550
647 - 553
3072 - 209
3022 - 552

Dress coat bottom:
3799 - 550
645 - 552
647 - 553

Dress Front:
3807 – 3768
156 – 926
3747 – 927

3756 - 828

Dress ruffles:
Keep as same except for
3799 – 550
3768 – 552
926 – 553
927 – 209

Dress ribbons :
828 – 793
927 – 792
926 – 791
3768 – 823
3799 – 823
3865 - B5200
(For hair ribbons I made 3799 – 550, as I wanted the purple accents in the hair too)

purple on coat – 03053 (2 packs)
pearl on dress – 00479 (3 packs, there are A LOT of those beads to stitch on >.<)
brown on dress – crystal blue.  I had some old dmc beads (from back when dmc had their own beads.  omg i know, they're OLD), which matched up with dmc 798.  They're crystal blue with e silver inner, so if you can find soemthing that ties in, go with it.

Star beads - a mix of ice blue, pale purple (10103) and a crystal blue
(Sorry, they're not all mill hill beads, so I can't give exacts)