Sunday, April 13, 2014

3.15 The (late) Queen update

So yes, yes, I promised ages ago (as in weeks) to Sarah that I'd post updates of Queen once it was put away again after what I affectionately call 'the month of hell'.

Turns out I don't like being forced to count stitches.

Anyways, updates as promised, since it's now all safely packed away and I'm onto the new pattern (which is itself an entire blog post, tying into Es's one, but still...)

Friday, April 11, 2014


OKAY OKAY! So it's been awhile, but Bev signed with Leonid Afremov! And he gave her 3 pictures to chart. These are so gorgeous!! Kat and I have loved his art for awhile now... and WE thought it would be great to stitch!! (We can't agree on who found his art first >__>) Anyways, these will be available on Love Thy Thread on the 20th, but since Bev loves me *cough* I got an advanced release!! Since Leonid wants to see how sales are to decide if Bev gets more pictures to chart, I thought I would start stitching it ASAP. I also got Kat one so she can stitch this week before the release and we would have "something" to show off and get people excited about it... I LOVE IT!! 

Also, with this chart, I'm trying the parking method I watched online..AND... I'M NOT GIVING  A FUCK ABOUT  THE BACK! *shivers* I'm scared....

I'm doing this one (it's the smallest).
Bewitched Park

Kat is doing this gorgeous piece =^.^=
The Loneliness of Autumn

And I convinced Fatema to do this piece (it's the biggest) lol.
When Dreams Come True

So this is my start!
The threads!
The First Stitches

I Love Sherlock - He's my companion for this stitch.

This is the back - (I'm fighting the urge not to pull it all out).

So that is my start for the day...did that in about an hour and half, the sorting and stitching, and figuring out how to park... we'll see if this method goes faster!

PS: I'll do other updates later >_> I know I've been slacking!