Friday, June 9, 2017

6.06 Fairy Tale #4 adaption

As a pair up with today's other post, I did my usual thing and...adapted the pattern to other colours.

Yes.  I know.

I couldn't help it.

In my defense, I WAS going to stitch one of the other princesses, BUT I didn't have the pattern I ended up with this.
(I do however now have the next pattern, so all is well and on track again)

And since a few people have been asking, here are the changes.

Main Dress 
5200 - 5200
819 - 3753
818 - 3761
761 - 3846/3761
894 - 3846
892 - 3845
891 - 3844
321 - 3843
k5705 - blue sparkle

336 - 3837
939 - 550
550 - 552
3041 - 209

5200 - 211
3756 - 209
168 - purple sparkle
k3202 - silver sparkle
k092 - purple sparkle

colours as in obi.

Beading was simplified to just two beads for the main dress.
03050 and 03049 - 02097
02011 - 02010

The crown
k3202 - silver sparkle
03050 - 02097
02011 - 02010
03049 - 62047

Now, when I say silver sparkle, blue sparkle, purple sparkle - I have some cheap generic sparkle filament threads that matched up to what I intended colour-wise.  However, since not everyone has those, as a rough guide these are about the closest I can find within my kreinik stash
silver sparkle - 011HL
purple sparkle - 026
blue sparkle - 033

Stitched on Aether, by Chromatic Alchemy.  32 count opal belfast linen, 2 over 2.

6.05 Fairy Tale Princess #4 - Kaguya

I found myself a new obsession, to go with the Mirabilia one I seem to have developed.

There is a series of fairy tale princess dresses, by Brooke's Books (on Etsy, worth looking up), where the various dresses of the princesses are stitched, along with their crowns.
Five are out of the series so far (there is 12 all up planned so far, I'm currently hoping a 13th gets added which is Moana *hinthint*)

So I bought one to try out.

Brooke's Books #4 Kaguya - Fairy Tale Princess Dress Up - Cross Stitch Chart INSTANT DOWNLOAD


Four days later, I had... this

I did admittedly change a couple of minor details - kreinik ribbons were replaced with other ribbons, and a couple of krenik #4 braid was replaced with a sparkle filament of suitable colour.  But otherwise the colours stayed to the original.

Stitched on Gaia's Rose, by Chromatic Alchemy.  32 opal belfast linen, 2 over 2.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

6.04 Andromeda Green

The new Mirabilia for February was Andromeda, and of course I had to stitch her.

Image result for andromeda mirabilia

As per my usual, I changed her up.  Now I will be the first to admit, my favourite colour is green.  And since I'm also mid stitching Portrait of Veronica, I have greens already filling my current stitching box, so the colour palette was literally right in front of me the whole time...

She ended up greens.  Was there ever any doubt?

Her fabric had something of a story behind this time too.  My original fabric, I was an idiot and didn't check her size before ordering.  And turns out she fits on a FE (Fat Eighth, or 13x18 inches) and I ordered a FQ (Fat quarter, or 18x26 inches).  While I COULD have put her in the middle of the fabric anyway, I chose not to.  The fabric is stunning, and it would be a waste to put some tiny stitching in the middle and end up wasting it all.  So out came the fabrics box, and a new fabric chosen.  Turns out it was meant to be, as the original fabric was too similar in the centre to the greens of her dress, and I would have had to change it.

Rest assured, the beautiful original fabric choice has already been picked a new pattern, and it literally about to be put on the frame to start that.

Top beading done, just the waves to do.

All finished!
Green beads, green beads...

All those frothing little white beads on the waves.  Much swearing was involved in them, as I ended up 14 beads short.  Argh!

Technically I realise she isn't totally finished yet.  I don't have the glow in the dark Kreinik yet, but it's in the vague gloomy mist of 'about to order'.  Everything else is, however, finished.  So those few Kreinik stitches will be all of 5 mins later down the track, assuming I remember when I finally order the thread, LOL.

The Conversion

Skin, hair, rocks and waves all stayed as originally charted.

Dress -

  • 211 to 3812
  • 414 to 500
  • 762 to 959
  • 844 to 3847 + 310
  • 3042 to 3847
  • 3743 to 943
  • 3747 to 3847 + 3812
  • white to 964
Hair piece/ribbon
  • 3740 to 3812
  • 3836 to 3847
  • 02022 to 02008
  • 10001 to 00479 (Will possibly need 2 packets, this is the waves)
  • 10023 to 02074
  • 16608 to 18831
  • 42014 to 02056
  • 62047 to 02074


  • 850 to 018HL (Backstitching only, 2 strands of 310 would work just as well)

Stitched 2 over 2 on Dye Stitch Love 'Silent Night' (Dyer and store now retired, sorry)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

6.03 Miss Christmas Eve

Yet another Xmas one, finished and awaiting framing...maybe one day I will actually get them framed and up on the walls for Christmas itself, LOL

This time around I used fabric from Fibrelicious (The awesomeness that is Nguyen), who has only recently started dying fabrics as well has her cottons and silks.
And OMG the fabric she dyed for me - words cannot describe it.

It's called Sunlight Cathedral, and I got it in Belfast opal.  ISH SHO SPARKLIE! *cough*  

With fabric and threads ready, she started being stitched.  The top half was actually really fast to stitch up, it surprised me.  Then I got to the skirt, and I remembered why I have to make myself do the skirt first for these ladies - I get so incredibly BORED.

But I persevered!  I also may or may not have done a smaller project or two in the middle, to help break up the endless green.

And then, just before lunch one day...the stitching was done!

And then her beads!

All in all, I loved her, especially once she was finished.  Doing her again, I would start with the skirt, just so I don't get so irritated like I did this one (And yes, I already have a conversion worked out for her, don't judge >.<)

The one thing I did change on her was the waterlilies.  As per usual for me.  I had some sparkly thread similar to blending filament (and just as irritating to use, I might add) which I used.  I thought it added a special extra, being actually sparkly, whereas the original waterlilies aren't (I called the ribbon her tinsel, so she needed more sparklies!)

Mirabilia's 'Miss Christmas Eve', MD148
Stitched 2 over 2, on opal belfast linen, 32 count, Fibrelicious 'Sunlight Cathedral'
Beads as original.
Caron Waterlilies substituted by other sparkly 'stash-threads'
Stitching time - roughly a month.

Monday, February 20, 2017

6.02 Bella Vita Conversion

While she is a beautifully simple little mermaid, I must admit, Bella Vita's colours sucked ass.  They just did nothing for me, and as such were drastically changed.

She went from this:
                                             Bella Vita - Cross Stitch Pattern

to this:

Yeah.  Just a 'small' change.

Stitched 2 over 2, on Chromatic Alchemy's 'Poseidon', 32 count belfast opal.

Changes as follows - (Original - new)
166 - 3809
580 - 3808
732 - 3808
772 - 3811
3819 - 3810

500 - 154
958 - 333
959 - 3746
964 - 156
991 - 550

420 - 3823
838 - 3820
839 - 3822
3371 - 3829

Skin, and white stayed the same.
I also did her backstitch in 632, not the original 3799

Beads were : 42031 - 02085 (hair)
                                 - 10079 (tail)

Honestly, if I do her again, I'll switch her colours around - so purple tail, and green ribbon.  But that was something I decided after I was too far in for me to be bother un-picking stitches and redoing it (At that point I had already unpicked around 200 stitches and I wasn't doing it again).  Maybe for next time?
She IS a very simple stitch to do, and definitely on my redo list.

6.01 New Year, new...wait, not quite new start

ANYHOO, my new year, new start actually began mid-December.  These things happen.

Mirabilia's Aphrodite Mermaid (MD144) has been settled in for a while, and I finally found the perfect fabric for her too!
Chromatic Alchemy's "Eliat", which ended up looking like kelp in water, which I thought was the perfect accompaniment for a mermaid.
The one downside was ...the fact it looked like her hair was pretty much an octopus.  I'm sorry, but I wasn't that impressed with her hairdresser.  So that was always intended to be changed.

Everything finished but her hair

All finished, except beads

Everything doneeeeee!

Best part about her?  I actually liked stitching her enough that I'm considering doing an adaption.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

5.19 South Seas Mermaid Adaption

While I have had the pattern for this a while, I've never really felt the urge to stitch it quite yet...mainly because it's colours are so bland.  I'm sorry, but when you mention 'south seas mermaid' I tend to imagine something a bit...more colourful than the original pattern.

Anyway, I finished Royal Holiday, so I was looking for something new to I figured why not adapt south seas?

Anyway, what happened from there was this
The humble beginnings, as I sorted out what colours to use

Colours more-or-less settled, starting to come to life

All the stitching finished!  Just beads left

The finished product!

Fair warning for this adaption - there was a LOT changed.  As in pretty much everything but the skin and hair colours were changed (And one bead.  I left one bead the same, LOL)
I also left out some beading, as a) I didn't think it needed any more (holy hell there were already a million beads on it, and the pattern called for YET MOREEEE) and b) I didn't have a bead in my stash that either fit the colours AND had the sheer quantity I would need.  So that happened.


  • 5982 -> 026 (Kreinik)
  • 3514 ->1223 (Kreinik)
  • 927 ->340
  • 772/927 -> 156
  • 772 -> 341
  • 3770 -> 3840
  • 939 -> 550
  • 03048 -> 3844
  • 356/758 -> 3844
  • 926 -> 3746
Top fins
  • 3607 -> 3844
  • 3607/3609 -> 3845
  • 3609 -> 3846
Bottom back fins
  • 352 -> 3844
  • 335 -> 3845
  • 335/860 -> 3846
Trailing fins
  • 3860 -> 156
  • 844 -> 161
  • 3609/3860 -> 156/3846
  • 335 -> 321
  • 352 -> 321
  • 922 -> 321
  • 335/926 -> 321
  • 844 -> 701
  • 3860 -> 702
  • 704 -> 703
  • 5982 -> 015 (Kreinik)
  • 3607 -> 321
And then the beads.  (I did mention a LOT had changed, right?)
  • 72023 -> 72052
  • 72012 -> 72052
  • 03048 -> 00165
  • 16616 -> SAME AS ORIGINAL
  • 16615 -> 02031
  • 03027 -> 02009
  • 18828 -> 18830
  • 18831 -> 02085
  • 00525 -> 02035

  • 03047 -> On arm, neck and top of bodice 10074, on tail fins, and trailing tendrils 00161
  • 42031 -> on belly 00161, on trailing tendrils 02009
Backstitching stayed the same as original pattern, as did the hair and skin.

Stitched 2 over 2 on Chromatic Alchemy's 'Poseidon' Belfast linen