Saturday, November 30, 2013

2.40 - New Organised Stash!

So, as I said previously, I FINALLY organised my floss, had them all sorted onto bobbins and properly labeled and placed into storage containers. I also took inventory of everything I have and purchased an extra of every one I only had one skein of... This is the result of today's shopping trip!

Minus a few colours that the store ran out of, that would be the missing colours for Kat to have a full complete set!

My Stash (I almost feel guilty posting this)
 The winding and sorting of this gave me headaches and tummy aches! But, it's finally done! Now I'll only have to wind up skeins when they are used up. *sigh of relief*

All the pretty colours make me smile.

Extras - Until I get a bigger drawer container...


2.39 Flowers, sunsets and the kitty

Mother's most 'famous' rose, Loving Memory.  Due to the placement of it, I get A LOT of pics.

The small, but growing fuschia bush.

One of the two colours of daisy mother...'appropriated' from my brother's garden.

I think this is an iris, but not sure...whatever it is, it's currently my desktop regardless.

The adorable Baby.  Sprawled out in front of the fire, totally asleep and relaxed.  Is this a sign of trust or what?  Also, contortism. How does she SLEEP like that??

The sunset the other night.

The colours as the Nor-west winds blew through were stunning.

Makes even more of an impact with the blue sky for contrast...

2.38 - Anniversary Dinner!

So, a couple of weeks ago, it was mine and Ian's anniversary, and we went out to a nice dinner. We went to a place called Sushi Ota, apparently one of the highest rated sushi restaurants in San Diego. It was omnomnomnom!!!


Agedashi Tofu
 This sashimi was SOOOO delicious!
Otoro and Salmon Belly Sashimi
 Ian's combo came with fresh sashimi, calamari salad, baked seafood, seaweed salad, rice and some sushi.
Ian's Combo
 This was what totally drew me in to the restaurant : Chirashizushi. It had chutoro, uni, salmon, mackerel, sweet prawn, squid, tamago, and hokkigai (surf clams).
 And, of course, selfies!
 I LOVE THIS SWEATER! It's finally chilly enough to wear it.
 Ian...looking... I'm not sure... >.> He's weird....

That's all, folks!!


2.37 - Essy Has Returned!!! (For Now, Anyway)

 So, I have finally come towards the end of the school semester. I finished off one class a few weeks early, and now I only have Japanese left.  All this time, my stitching was pretty much placed on hold, which made me very very sad! Furthermore, with my last post made in the beginning of September, I felt it was high time for an update. 

Public Notice: Please be aware, there is an abundance of pictures of the furbabies. Thank you.

Sept 10th - Day 25
Odette napping while I stitch
 Now, because of school, I didn't get to stitch every day.....
Squeaks asleep in my arm while I study

Squeaks and Odette Enjoying the Backyard
 This was Ian's day off, and he tried to build me a stand for my stitching... The attempt didn't work, but it was very much appreciated.
Ian Catching Me Taking A Picture

Odette Gnawing At Some Grass

Squeaks - Cool Dog pose

I caught him by surprise!
 Another picture of Squeaks. I swear I'm not playing favourites! He just stands still longer than Odette.
Here's Ian holding up the baby girl.
Don't ask about his hair...
Trying to show off her new sweater!
Odette Sitting Still - For Once.....


Both babies trying to escape their house for food!

Ian hates being bothered while he's playing video games...

Essy's Personal Lap Warmer

The Babies Snoozing Together


Squeaks High Fiving!

New Hoodie for the boy! (It's got a Skull embellishment on the back!)

Odette Showing Off Her Sweater

The Babies Sharing My Lap

Odette Checking On Squeaks
Wearing her sweater like a skirt....

Enjoying the heater <3

She's getting better at sitting still!
 SURPRISE!! Here's some more stitching updates. (I forgot to take a picture every time I stitched.) This was the short break I gave myself for stitching since I was ahead of  the schedule in my Psychology class.
November 02 - Day 34
This one is from the days after I finished all the exams (other than the final that is) for my Psych class, about a month ahead of schedule.
November 25 - Day 40
 I have to say, I was extremely upset by my progress =(
Odette using Squeaks as a cushion.
 This was the finish of the 2nd full page, and the beginning of the third!
November 27 - Day 42
After this, there was another stitching break because of a sale at Michael's for floss... I had to organise all my stash to see that I have and don't have so I could get a complete set! That update... will be coming up soon......