Monday, March 10, 2014

3.13 - New Stitchings

Sarah here, I have been lazy in updating and for that matter taking pictures but I will make an update on what I have been doing stitch wise. First a picture of Rose of Sharon framed up. I didn't get a custom frame of matting, I will decide later when I finally have my own place if I want to do that...and after I have a chance to get Rose Arbour done as well.

Now for a picture of what I have started on, Fairy Tales by Mirabilia. I got a little excited since this is the first cross stitch I have done that has I might have started doing some of the beading already. It looks a lot different in person than it does on the picture that comes with the pattern.

Also, I have debating starting either Rose Arbour or Lady of the Mist. Both by Mirabilia. I think I am leaning more towards Lady of the Mist. If I start one of these I will try to be more on the ball about updating and tacking pictures. Either one I decide to stitch I will be doing on 32  Natural Linen. I really loved working on it with Rose of Sharon and miss it. I love the colour of the hand dyed fabric I'm using for Fairy Tales but it's just not the same feel.

That's it for now, will update again soon!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

3.12 Updating cos I've been slack ....

Death at the start of February

Death as it is now, folded and put away for a break.
Queen as of today, and about to go back in my frame after traveling to Dunedin for a night.

The heart that will be a cushion soon.  That red fabric at the bottom?  That's what the edge of the cushion will be.  And yes, pics will come of the cushion when it's done.

And to finish it all off, another sunset.  Welcome to Autumn